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Build living tissues and organs with precision and control using our cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology


Compact, easy-to-use solution for rapid and precise fluid handling, enabling a wide range of applications in biomedical research, drug discovery, and diagnostics


Designed to mimic the extracellular matrix of the tissues and provide supportive structure for cells to attach, proliferate and differentiate


Reliability, precision, and repeatability to ensure consistent and reproducible results every time


We are a biotechnology company that provides advanced solutions for medical research, drug discovery and regenerative medicine by integrating cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology, biology expertise and a deep understanding of market needs, positioning us as a valuable asset for healthcare and biotech industries


2PP Stereolitography


>1um (customizable)


built-in, AI based

What We Can Do for You


Our rapid prototyping service using 3D printing technology is tailored for biotech applications. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce precise and intricate models for research and development such as drug discovery, lab equipment, medical device prototypes and more.


With help of our state-of-the art technology 3D printing of lab-on-chips can be elevated to the more complex architectures, containing small and ultra precise channels. Also, multi organ-on-chip systems are no more challenge as printable structure height can be as high as 10 cm.

Biocompatible scaffolds

Biocompatible scaffolds are created using ultra precise and reliable Vital3D bioprinting technology and are safe for living tissues. Scaffolds can be used in tissue engineering to create replacement tissues and organs as well as for faster skin or other tissues healing after injure.  Bioprinting allows for the creation of customized and complex scaffolds that mimic natural tissue, promoting cell growth and tissue repair. 


Our talented team of scientists, business experts, medical professionals, legal specialists work together to bring the latest in 3D bioprinting technology to our clients. From polymer physics research to business development and legal compliance, our diverse team has the skills and expertise to bring your bioprinting projects to life.

Vidmantas Šakalys

Chief Executive Officer

Top level business manager with broad working knowledge in technology innovations and ITT management. Practical experience of 20+ years in ITT management roles and 10+ years in photonics innovation management. Founded and led laser research start-up Femtika.

Dr. Linas Jonušauskas

Chief Technology Officer

10+ years experience in laser material processing and engineering. 20+ high-impact scientific publications, close to a hundred presentations, including invited talks. Multiple national and international awards. Several patents for high-tech solutions using femtosecond lasers. Led research activities in laser start-up Femtika.

Prof. Dr. Paulius Pakutinskas

Chief business development officer (CBDO) / Head of Legal, Ethics & AI

Experienced board member, business management professional with 20+ years history in ICT, Legal expert & interdisciplinary scientist, Cyber security AI.


Sauletekio ave. 15  LT-10224, Vilnius, Lithuania