High printing speed with
high precision is crucial for the
future of organ bioprinting


Our vision is to be the 3D bioprinting technology leader in personalized medicine, providing services and tools for personalized patient therapies, including printing natural size vital human organs with complex vascular systems.

Our long term goal is to create all the necessary technology and know-how needed to build functional 3D bioprinted kidney that would be implantable into human body. To be able to fulfill this ambitious goal we have chosen four areas of focus in our development:



New capabilities for micro-medical device production such as future generation of Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS).


Grow bigger, better organoid models based on scaffolds with complex high-resolution geometries.


An unparalleled blend of resolution and intricate design, sets a new standard in biocompatibility, seamlessly integrating with the body’s natural environment.


Adding complex 3D bioprinted vascular networks to the tissue models is a necessary step for the creation of large-scale tissue models.

Vital Light 3D

The fastest 3D bioprinter on the market with printable 
feature size down to 1 um. 

Vital Light 3D is the first commercial Two Photon Polymerization machine utilizing our groundbreaking FemtoBrush innovationBy ingeniously integrating SLM and smart hatching algorithms, we can dynamically adjust voxel size, shape, and rotation within the single layer. This capability enables us to achieve both high-fidelity details and efficient printing of bulk areas simultaneously. Vita Light 3D is the first truly mesoscale 3D printer seamlessly blending the extreme resolution of 2PP, capable of features as small as 1 micron, with ease of use and substantial build volume  of 50 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm of DLP 3D Printing.

Thanks to proprietary optical chain design it is a light-weight, compact Table-top machine.

Wavelength532 nm
Size60 x 60x 70 cm
Build volume50 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm
Type of technologyTwo Photon Polymerization (2PP) Stereolithography
Feature sizeXY – ~ 1 μm, Z – ~ 5 μm

Two-Photon techniques are renowned for their exceptional resolution, reaching as small as 100 nm, working with such a small voxel size imposes great limitations on the achievable speed of 3D printing.  While some systems manipulate numerical aperture or exposure power to adjust the usable voxel volume, these methods are constrained by Gaussian optics profiles, and the spot size limit is closely tied to the objective lens. Therefore, achieving mesoscale 3D printing requires objective lens exchange. 

The Femto Brush technology is an unique patent pending application of SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) tailored for 2PP (Two-Photon Polymerization) stereolithographyIn the FemtoBrush approach, we utilize the SLM mask to project a specialized intensity profile effectively transforming a point to a wide “brush” on the fly. Through clever application of both SLM and intelligent hatching algorithms managing the voxel size, shape and rotation within single layer we can print both high-fidelity features and bulk areas using one objective lens.


+    High printing speed

+    Large build volume

+    Complex printing geometries

+    Reduced contamination risk

–    Potential phototoxicity

–    Limited cell density

–    Difficulty in incorporating vascular networks

–    Surface roughness


+    High printing speed & high precision

+    Complex printing geometries

+    Tunable material properties

+    Reduced contamination risk

+    Fine surface finish


Two Photon Polymerization

+    High precision

+    Complex printing geometries (3D)

+    Tunable material properties

+    Fine surface finish

–    Slow printing speed

–    Limited build volume

–    Complex setup and expertise


Our talented team of scientists, business experts, medical professionals, legal specialists work together to bring the latest in 3D bioprinting technology to our clients. From polymer physics research to business development and legal compliance, our diverse team has the skills and expertise to bring your bioprinting projects to life.


We are a biotechnology company that provides advanced solutions for medical research, drug discovery and regenerative medicine by integrating cutting-edge 3D bioprinting technology, biology expertise and a deep understanding of market needs, positioning us as a valuable asset for healthcare and biotech industries


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